"Let's Doula This"- Doing Birth a Different Way

Feb 11, 2023

Toria Echols, Contributing Writer 

So, what’s a doula?  Doulas are professionally trained people who assist others that are going through the prenatal or postpartum period of pregnancy. Doulas provide continuous emotional, physical, and evidence-based resources to the birthing person.

There are a variety of doulas out there from fertility to postpartum. People hire doulas to fulfill a range of roles for those seeking support. The significance of a doula of color is so important to our communities especially when it comes to women of color. They support women of color and significantly contribute to the awareness of real racial trust factors with healthcare, infant morbidity, and mortality rates. For most American’s Doula services aren’t always in the budget but here are some ways you could afford one.

When selecting a doula try asking if you can exchange services. You never know what you can offer a doula in exchange for essential services. Ask family and friends to pitch in for your doula care.  Add doula services to your online baby registry on platforms like Babylist and BeHerVillage. They make it easy for loved ones to contribute toward the expense of your services.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask about payment plans.  Doulas care and will work with you if you face financial difficulties.

Doulas are often forgotten about during the birthing process but have been proven to be a pivotal asset to the success of women during and after their pregnancies.  Doulas strive to provide the best service to not only mommy but baby too. 

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