Resources for Physical Wellness

Implied by the name, physical wellness deals with human’s physical routines, practices, and habits that ultimately impact their holistic wellness.

By prioritizing optimal physical healthincluding staying hydrated, being active, and maintaining a healthy, balanced dieta person’s mental and emotional health can function more effectively, leading to more personal fulfillment.  

Partners & Providers

A growing list of providers and services relating to physical wellness.

Know who to contact to get the care you need!

The Foundation for Black Women's Wellness
Primrose Health (Dayton, OH)
Vagina Rehab Doctor (U.S.A.)
CW Wellness By Design (Columbus, OH)
Medical Spa (Dayton, OH)
National Sexual Health Educator
Women's Health Center (721 Miami Chapel Road, Dayton, OH 45417)
Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton (1323 W Third St Dayton OH 45402-6714)

Support Groups & Resources

A diverse offering of organizations and initiatives working toward health equity locally and nationally. 

Stay empowered and learn from those doing the work! 

Girl Trek
Underbelly Yoga
Black Girl in OM
Black Girls Run
Heal Haus
Naaya Wellness
Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA) - PASSWORD: care4all
Women on Weights
African American Wellness Walk
Pretty Girl Fitness
Fitness in Metro City Parks
Resilient Sisterhood Project (Black Women)
Intuitive Eating: Feelings, Food, and Me (1st THU | 6:30 – 7:30 PM)
Every One Reach One (Dayton, OH) - Women & Children
Association of Black Cardiologists - POC
AAPI Women's Wellness
Black Women's Fitness App


An intentional selection of online videos that relate to or discuss physical wellness. 

Listen to what some professionals, experts, and change agents have to say!

Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities

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Black Communities

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Health Equity

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Indigenous Communities

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Latinx and/or Hispanic Communities

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Middle Eastern Communities

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Skin and Women's Health
Women of Color Health Equity Collective
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A selection of conversations that build personal competency and virtual community.

Get the scoop on the latest talks around physical wellness!

Balanced Black Girl Podcast
Food Haven
The Black Girl Fit Files
Healthy Black Girl
Fitness Flipped
Strength in the Details
Black Health 365
Saludable Latina
From Resilience to Radiance (AAPI)

Digital Downloads

Resources you can add to your own collection .

Stay updated about health equity wherever you may be. 

Public Health: Dayton Council on Health Equity (2016).

Chatlines & Hotlines

A selection of accessible resources to get the guidance you need around the clock. 

  • Virtua Health Real Talk | SITE