Resources for Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness goes beyond achieving an individual’s optimal work-life-leisure balance, considering how tasks offer purpose, fulfillment, and betterment to the communities that people inhabit.


These criteria will vary on an individual basis, emphasizing a system-level approach to understanding occupational wellness and ensuring that all people can achieve it.  

Partners & Providers

A growing list of providers and services relating to occupational wellness.

Know who to contact to get the care you need!

Ohio Health
MentorCliq (Employer Advise)

Therapy Sources & Organizations

A diverse offering of therapists and health organizations serving women of color in and near Greater Dayton, or virtually. 

Get connected with a local emotional and mental health provider or support group! 

The Loveland Foundation
Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective
Ourselves Black
Open Counseling
WOC Therapy - Directory
Black Female Therapists
Latinx Therapy
Melanin and Mental Health
Inclusive Therapists
DPS Office for Females of Color
Therapy Den
DBSA - Depression Bipolar Support Alliance
Therapy in Color
Asian Mental Health Collective
Black Girls Smile
National Register of Health Service Psychologists (Cincinnati, OH)
The Association of Black Psychologists, Inc.
Middle Eastern Providers | Mental Health Match (Dayton, OH)
Black Mental Health - Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

Support Groups & Resources

A diverse offering of organizations and initiatives working toward health equity locally and nationally. 

Stay empowered and learn from those doing the work! 

National Wellness Institute: Occupational Topics
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Greater Good Magazine
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Workplace Wellness Pathfinder
Library Workplace Wellness Reports (2007-2008)
The Economist (Article) - AAPI
The Harvard Business Review (Article/Study) - AAPI


An intentional selection of online videos that relate to or discuss occupational wellness. 

Listen to what some professionals, experts, and change agents have to say!

Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities

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Black Communities

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Health Equity

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Indigenous Communities

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Latinx and/or Hispanic Communities

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Middle Eastern Communities

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A selection of conversations that build personal competency and virtual community.

Get the scoop on the latest talks around emotional and mental wellness!

Feed Spot (Health & Wellness)

Digital Downloads

A list of questionnaires about work-life balance.

Get real about our professional experiences.

Workplace Wellness Inventory

Chatlines & Hotlines

A selection of accessible resources to get the guidance you need around the clock.