Resources for Financial Wellness

Financial wellness encompasses an individual's understanding of money and the spectrum of emotions attached to it, urging for the ability to make healthy financial decisions in the present and future.


This will look different for all socioeconomic classes and relies greatly on individual routines and knowledge. 

Partners & Providers

A growing list of providers and services relating to financial wellness.

Know who to contact to get the care you need!

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Support Groups & Resources

A diverse offering of organizations and initiatives working toward health equity locally and nationally. 

Stay empowered and learn from those doing the work! 

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An intentional selection of online videos that relate to or discuss financial wellness. 

Listen to what some professionals, experts, and change agents have to say!

Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities

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Black Communities

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Health Equity

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Indigenous Communities

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Latinx and/or Hispanic Communities

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Middle Eastern Communities

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A selection of conversations that build personal competency and virtual community.

Get the scoop on the latest talks around financial wellness!

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Digital Downloads

Resources you can add to your own collection.

Stay informed about your finances.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Chatlines & Hotlines

A selection of accessible resources to get the guidance you need around the clock.